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ghana 2018: missions trip update

This week has literally blown my mind. 

I’ve been hosting a women’s small group through my church for over a year now, and we had our first meeting of the semester a few days ago. Almost every semester I try use the ten million reasons why this isn’t the right time in my life to host a group, and every semester God sends new way. Just like me, they are looking for a way to truly embrace this whole living in genuine community. 

After tidying-up a bit, I turned the picked up my phone and noticed an alert that a friend of mine in the D.C. area had gone live on Facebook and tagged me in the video. Still clueless to what was going on, I tuned in to find she was sharing the fundraiser for my upcoming missions trip to Ghana with all of her friends, family and followers!

*cue the tears*

She and I had not spoken about the trip, so she had no idea that I committing to going on this trip not knowing how I would be able to pay for.

Traveling to Haiti last year with the Luke 9 Project lit a fire in my soul so, when my friend Jennifer Lucy Tyler mentioned that she would be leading a team on a missions trip to Ghana, West Africa I jumped at the chance. It was one of those moments where I didn't have to stop and spend weeks praying about it. I believe we often waste time praying about things God has already given His blessing to. I honestly think if I had, God would have stopped me before I even got on my knees good and said, "Now you already know..." (if you're new around here, me and God are pretty tight so that's how He speaks to me). I just went for it. I knew that if it was truly in His plan then He would give me everything I needed to make it happen. 

He hasn't removed His hand from it yet. 

At the end of her live video she said, "I'm believe that when we wake up in the morning God will have completely blown our minds!"

People often communicate their distaste for the evils of social media, but we don't spend enough time focusing the good that can be done through this platform. As a result of social media being used in the right way, my fundraiser went from having collected $370 to over $2,000 in less than 48 hours!

I screamed. 

I cried. 

I called my big sister and screamed some more. 

I don't know why God showing up in my life like this still sends me into shock. It's not because I don't believe He can do it; this, I know. I simply cannot help being completely overwhelmed with gratitude each time. 

I don't deserve all He has given me. I don't deserve the life I live or these amazing children I have or the clean water I drink everyday. But I have it. And now I get to go and help others around the world who are without. 

To everyone who donated, thank you. I will never be able to accurately express my gratitude through words typed on a screen. I'm eternally grateful. 

To everyone who desired to give but could not, your prayers are needed and appreciate. 

If you would still like to donate, there is still time. There are still other travel expenses and odds and ends (such as vaccinations which can get really pricey) that need to be paid for. Click here to donate NOW!



Ashley Danielle