“I Didn’t Know I Needed Healing”: Abortion, Healing and Growing Up As A Black Woman In The South


It’s been a couple of weeks now, and I’m still trying to process all of my thoughts and emotions from 2019 UNIQUE Conference and put them into words. Right now I’m simply resting in His freedom, freedom from so many things...and it feels good.

To each and every woman who came up to me after I shared my story, I love you. To each and every woman I prayed with that day, I love you. To each and every woman who DM’d me because they couldn’t bring themselves to walk up to me and speak the words...be free from fear THIS DAY and I love you! His freedom is EVERYTHING!

To see my segment from the conference and hear the stories of the other amazing women I was blessed to share the stage with, click the video below.



Ashley Danielle