This blog is simply a place for my inner monologue to have a home. It's a place for me to, prayerfully, encourage you as you read about my victories, struggles, questions and quirkiness as I try my best to live my life as a reflection of God's Light. This blog is a place where you can sit in front of your laptop (or tablet, or phone...or whatever cool gadget you have these days) with a cup of tea and get your mind off of the busyness of every day life. It's a place for all of my randomness to get together and pretend to be organized.

I spent most of my life being very career-driven. I was very well-known socially and professionally and was determined to claw my way to the top of the freelance journalism world. Throughout high school and undergrad, I was very involved on campus and to the average onlooker I looked like I was headed down the right path. However, I secretly struggled with intense feeling of inadequacy and battled depression for years. I often felt rejected, and like I wasn't good enough, which is why my life seemed to be a constant mission to receive praise from others. I jumped in and out of relationships with guys who were nothing close to the type of man God wanted me to be with, and surrounded myself with friends who applauded my self-destructive behavior. 

It wasn't until I fully committed myself to Christ in January of 2010 that I began to really focus on what God wanted for my life. This is by far the biggest and most beneficial change I've made in my entire life, even though being the mother of the most amazing two little bundles of fabulousness on the planet, Felicity Grace and David Alexander come in a close second!

With all of these major transformations, I gave my blog this name because no matter what my last name may be, no matter what place of worship I attend, no matter how I'm choosing to wear my hair these days...I'm Always Ashley.




Thrive Moms - Prayer Team