I had an interesting encounter yesterday. 

When I made it to my women's small group that evening, I was still trying to process in my mind what my exact feelings were. I had lunch with a friend (I promise I do more than go to lunch with friends, y'all), and it just left me with an awkward feeling. 

Let me first say this; the entire little day-date was great. It was light-hearted and innocent, even though we did discuss a few heavy topics, and I'm so blessed to have someone in my life who I can just be casual with.

Nonetheless, I left disappointed. 

Even as I write this I'm judging my own thoughts. I'm sure they'll read this and be completely perplexed because everything really did go smoothly. The food was good, the weather was nice so we chose to eat on the patio, and I even laughed so hard at one point that a tear made its way from my eye. So, why wasn't the seemingly perfect "let's catch up" moment between two friends not enough the way it played out? What was missing? What was I still wanting?

Unknowingly to even myself until I was in the moment, I'd placed one small expectation on our conversation that wasn't met. And until about twenty minutes ago (it's midnight now), I was allowing myself to diminish the entire experience because it didn't come with a cherry on top

Why do we do this?

Why do we often miss out on the opportunity to be positively impacted by an experience simply because it didn't play out the way we'd imagined in our heads? We put people, events, and even ideologies on these pedestals they never asked to be on, and then we're left in a fog when the reality of their existence is less than the dream. 

Here is my challenge for you as we go into the weekend: Learn to let life just be life. 

Smile at things that bring you joy. Laugh at everything you find hilarious (even when the person next to you doesn't think so, makes it even more interesting *wink*). Stand outside and enjoy the feeling of the sun on your face. Dance in the rain. Dance in your car. Dance in your living room like you're on America's Best Dance Crew when in reality you have trouble keeping up in games of musical chairs. Don't live your life wishing for more and chasing the idea of who you believe someone is or should be, when what was right in front of you was all you needed. Their truth was precisely what God needed you to receive from them in that season of your life, not your illusion. 

Life is so short, and meaningful friendships are so rare. 

Appreciate every moment you have with those who care about you enough to want to spend time getting to know your heart and sharing their own joys and fears with you.

They won't always be there.

Cherish the memories you create with those you care about, and be grateful to have them as the perfect dessert to the sometimes much too heavy main course of your day. 



Ashley Danielle