Happy Birthday Felicity Grace

Our Beloved Felicity turned one on December 26th.


And even though I'm over a month late posting this, it's hard to believe God blessed us with her that long ago. Not because the time feels like it's been shorter than that, but mostly because I can hardly remember what The Mr. and I used to do before she came into our lives.


Time seems to begin with her gentle kicks in my belly, which soon turned into full force ninja kicks. It seems like she's always been with us. Her laughter forces anyone who is around her to smile. Her joy is so genuine and pure. She makes every day a thousand times brighter.

I love the way she can bring a smile out of complete strangers in the grocery store.

I love how she didn't gradually start walking, but just kind of took of across the dining room toward The Mr. one evening.

I love that her laugh is a mixture between that of a tween and an eight-year-old woman.

I love every curl in her hair.

I love her little pudgy feet.

I love (well...it's a love/hate relationship) how she tries to roll away as soon as I clean her tush while changing her diaper.

I love the way her eyes light up when she sees her daddy

I love that she cries when I yell "STOP" at her when she's doing something she shouldn't be, but then comes straight to me for a hug.

I love how our family loves her.

I love how she loves, so pure.

I love how she is an undeniable example of how much God loves me.

Happy Birthday (...and some days) to our beloved Felicity Grace.