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Junior Intern Application


As the SquareUp Media Management team continues to grow, we are taking steps to grow our team as well. Social media management isn’t just about posting content to a business’s social media channels. Social media management in itself has become a complex, multi-faceted role that operates to help a business achieve its highest-level goals. It is a key way to communicate the vision of a company to their dream audience in a way that makes them want to partner with that business. It isn't simply the doorway into your business; it's the welcome mat.

As a junior intern, you will:

  • Work with the on-site Social Media Manager to create and implement campaigns
  • Develop content calendars on a weekly and monthly basis for client brand
  • Monitor analytics with social media team to identify viable ideas
  • Create engaging blog and social media content
  • Assist in the general distribution of press releases and media alerts
  • Provide support to our marketing team at live and online events


*This is an unpaid position.  


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