The 90-Day Purpose & Passion PUSH!!!

Friday, September 4, 2015

I've been so busy with kicking off this event that I forgot to post about it on my blog!

Yes, I know I've been cheating on my blog with Instagram for about a year, but I don't want to leave you all out. My bloggy crew has touched my life in so many ways, and I want as many of you along with me for the ride as possible!

Check out this video and then contact me for more details! Eek! So excited!

Ashley Danielle

The #FabulousHealthyHair Challenge!

Monday, June 1, 2015

JOIN My 90 Day #FabulousHealthyHair Challenge!

feat. Hair, Skin & Nails and Greens by ItWorks

  • Take before pic and new pic every 30 days

I finally took the plunge and did my big chop in July of 2010. I'd been transitioning for four months, and when my mom finally lost her battle with a diabetic coma, I just woke up one morning and certainly wasn't in the mood to deal with kinky roots and relaxed ends. So, I grabbed a pair of scissors, snipped and snipped, threw on a headband and went to church.

It was one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Though I felt a beautifully unexpected feeling of liberation and confidence once I finally did it, I also soon realized I had no idea what I was doing! A few of my other friends had been natural for years, so I just did whatever they did. Not realizing that we all had different hair types (or that there were different hair types), so what worked for them wouldn't necessarily work for me. After a year of poorly taking care of my hair, I stumbled across a vlog on YouTube reviewing some twist cream.


People make videos to show you what products to use? I was amazed! And no, I'm not embarrassed if you are laughing at me while reading this because this was obviously something the rest of the natural-hair world was already keenly aware of.

Carrying on...

I fell in love with three channels, but their hair still wasn't like mine. Actually, at that time I couldn't find any vloggers who had quality videos and and my hair type. After chatting with one of my favs for a little while, she recommended I start recorded my own triumphs and victories with my hair. She said if I couldn't find good videos, then there were probably other women with my hair type thinking the same thing.

It has been a lot of fun, and I have met some amazing women. Though I've had to take the occasional breaks to do things like, you know, give birth and all that, it's still so much fun to get  a dialogue going with a group of women who a discovering so much about themselves along their journey.

It's so beautiful to see how taking better care of our hair has made us realize important it is to take care of our bodies overall, and has allowed us to reconnect with part of our culture that had been stripped away overtime as our mothers and grandmothers were raised with a mindset to conform to what was acceptable at the time.

Our mindset has changed.

And as we are growing our tresses and our view of who are we are, I decided to keep documenting it through vlogs.

Come along for the ride!


 JOIN My 90 Day Healthy Hair Challenge!

Hair, Skin & Nails and Greens by ItWorks

  • Hair, Skin & Nails supplements each morning 
  • 1 packet of Greens on the Go (any flavor) a day
  • Take before pic and new pic every 30 days

I have absolutely fallen in love with these product!

I was very skeptical about it in the beginning. I'd seen a few people talking about these hair supplements from ItWorks! Global and I was worried about the ingredients. I'd become very cautious about what I put into my body and onto my skin throughout my natural hair journey, and didn't want to ingest anything that might harm my body just for some healthy hair.

I was so excited to find out that the Hair, Skin & Nails supplements are botanically based and have double the amount of biotin as some of the other popular hair supplements currently on the market.

In addition, we know that having a healthy body does wonders for healthy hair. Eating a ton of green vegetables and drinking plenty of water provides your hair with necessary nutrients to be stronger and have a flawless shine!

I have been drinking ItWorks! Greens since I was pregnant with back daughter back in 2013. I am beyond addicted and don't even feel right when I skip them in the morning, It's a very fine powder that has eliminated my need for coffee once or twice a day, and is much easier to whip up on those days I don't have time to make a green smoothie.

However, I love to toss a pack of Greens on the Go into my fav smoothie blend (even if I buy it from a store), to give it an extra boost!


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faith | lies revealed in the silence

Friday, February 20, 2015

"You have masterfully convinced them and sold them
on an identity that [isn't] you."
- Toure Roberts

I am very much a people person.

Some people hate doing personality profiles, but if you're familiar with them I can tell you that I am a true ENFJ in every sense of the category (click here for a little more insight as to what I mean when I say that). I love being around people. I love leading groups. I am very detailed-oriented, even though I think in big picture visions instead of small steps. I believe passion and purpose go hand-in-hand, and I am very rarely anywhere without at least a small crew. These days, that crew is usually my one-year-old daughter and Baby Boy Flores who is still baking in the belly/oven, but you get the picture.

My soul craves community.

But as an adult, as a wife, as a mother, as a career woman, as a friend, etc. I have come into the realization that sometimes we need to be isolated.

The deafening nothingness found in silence used to make my heart beat intensify. I'm not sure why, but I've always felt like I needed someone around me. I needed something to be going on. I needed to feel like I belonged to something greater than me.

That "something" is, and always was, the body of Christ. I just didn't know it.

In those quiet moments, I can hear the Holy Spirit so clear. He doesn't always say what I want to hear, but it's always the Truth. He reveals secrets about myself that I'd been drowning out by constantly creating a vibrant atmosphere.

Recently, He reminded me that I need to take advantage of the village around me because I am hindering people from fulfilling their rolls, and growing as givers.


I heard the quote at the beginning of this post recently. The pastor who was speaking meant it in a different way as he was talking to individuals who were portraying a lesser version of themselves. Those who were not showing their worth in Christ through their behavior, but feeling hurt or angry or confused when people simply treated them the way they'd been basically trained to treat them. This statement hit me heart, but in the opposite way.

I often find myself buried under the weight of being grand, being perfect. Of course, people tell me, "we know you're not perfect" and "you can't do everything on your own", but their actions towards me show otherwise. I have spent years blaming them for this pressure. It's their fault that I'm completely exhausted at the end of each day because they expect so much from me. The owner of the hair salon I get the occasional services from recently said something along the lines of:

"People expect us to be able to wake up, spend an hour in prayer and meditation with the Lord, make breakfast (maybe even eat some ourselves), get the kids ready, pack lunches, get everyone off to where they need to be, work eight or more hours at work, come home, cook dinner (and again...maybe even eat some), get everyone ready for bed and then hit repeat for tomorrow. And don't even mention that you're tired, or can't volunteer at church this weekend because then you're not doing enough; you're not serving enough. And you better do it with a smile because if not, then you're an ungrateful wife and mother, and a complainer."

Amen, sister!

I have had these same feelings so many times I can't even count.

But what if it's because I have tried to prove time and time again that I can wear all of those hats? What if my constant striving to please God by serving others has prevented me from thriving as I serve others? What if in the midst of all the trying, and forcing, and working, and pressing on that I have created and image of myself that doesn't need time to just be still at His feet?

That's a lie.

I need that time.

I need the help.

I can't do it all.

And neither can you, friend.

And the fact that others treat us like we can is probably because we made them think we could because we thought we had to. It's time for us to stop trying to carry the burdens Jesus promised He would carry for us. Let Him carry them. 

And for those of us who are married to godly husbands, we have access to a man who desires in his heart to love us like Christ. He desires to sacrifice you. He desires to serve you. He desires to be compassionate, and protective, and honoring of our presence. He desires to die to himself for us. But we have to let him.

It's time for us to come from behind the fictional veil of perfection and fall on our face in need true need of our Savior.

It's time for us to confess the lie and accept the truth that we are not enough, but He is enough; therefore, he is all we need.

We need to stop portraying the image of super-Christian-wife-mommy-lady and be real and transparent with our brokeness. Embracing that truth doesn't make us weak, or whiners, or less than; it simply makes us human.

Ashley Danielle

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family | why i don't care why i married my husband

Saturday, February 14, 2015

"When you're really really in love with someone, you give them the power to hurt you. You give them the power to distract you...and any time that you pull a piece of your heart away from someone you devalue the relationship." - Sarah Jakes


Okay, so first let's have a little disclaimer: I totally put a lot of thought into getting married. But stick with me here and I'll explain the title of this post. 

The Mr. and I openly tell people that our first encounter was anything but love at first sight. He thought I was too forward and I thought he was quite arrogant. After a few more encounters over the next couple of months these impressions of one another improved slightly, but not much. After meeting in groups a few times, we went on our first date eventually and I got to know his heart a little more. Fast foward six weeks: we got engaged. 

Speed up about five more months, we got married. And now here we are three+ years later. 

Through the many memories of smiles and laughter and late nights watching Kung Fu Panda in the living room, there have been some really tough moments as well. We have argued and argued and argued some more. We've prayed and hugged and kissed...and then probably argued some more.

Married life is real.

My husband hurts my feelings. 

And I hurt his too. 

We're not bad people; we're just people. 

Regular, human people.

Two flawed individuals who got the wacky idea to try to become "one" (whatever that means), and live our lives serving God by serving one another. 

We fail at it a lot. 

But we keep trying. 

I hear a lot of people talk about the care and thought that should be placed into marriage before accepting a ring from the man who is courting you. Though I wholeheartedly agree the decision should not be taken lightly, I also feel like some of the reasons why I said "yes" to his ringless-at-the-time proposal don't really matter too much anymore.


Because neither one of us are still those same people who sat all starry-eyed on his living room sofa that night. We have changed so much, and continue to change. As we should. The closer we grow to God, the more our convictions should alter our hearts. The more we simply grow as people, the more informed we become of our individual preferences and styles.

He doesn't dress the same. Our conversations are different. He's not passionate about some of the same things. He has become passionate about things he wasn't before. 

Before I got married, I had a handful of very concrete dreams and goals. I remember how I felt when I would talk about them with The Mr. and he would comment, sounding so supportive or at least intrigued. Well, most of those dreams have changed and our family has grown and I have had to push back several of them while I attempt to support his dreams and goals. 

We are still trying to navigate how to make our individual goals transform into our dreams and goals. 

I believe that when we first said "I do" we both still had up a few walls, and three years later I have learned that this was not just an assumption, but a fact. I had/have some boundaries that are guarded by Navy Seals, and he had/has a few that very well may be surrounded by rabid pit bulls. 

I recently listened to a podcast of Sarah Jakes and her then fiance, now husband, Toure Roberts speaking on how their relationship developed and a few roadblocks that popped up. he mentioned how he attempted to have complete control over just how much of himself he gave over to her because he didn't want the way she made him feel to affect him too much from doing work. She said his phone call sort of went like this:

"I love you, but I think I'm going to have to re-position the way I love you because I was just all messed up today. I couldn't hardly focus or get stuff done. So, what I want to do is...I still love you...but I just want to love you in a way that I can still make it through the day..."

Her response: "Oh, so you don't want to be in love."


When we are truly in love with someone we hand over a certain amount of power to them that gives them the opportunity to disappoint, distract, hurt, and even manipulate us. These aren't things we pray they would ever do, but it happens. Why? Because the process of becoming one with our spouses should be when we are at our most vulnerable. I should not have a more intimate relationship with anyone on earth other than my husband. If we are "one", then he should know me like I know me. I should go to him with my feelings, fears, victories, etc. first because I know them first myself. I should be concerned with his needs (and even his wants) just like I am concerned about my own. I should be just as selfish about him spending time with God's word as I am about my own. 

And vice versa.  

Today, is Valentine's Day. A day where we are told by almost every means of societal and digital communication that we should be completely focused on showing those we love just how much we do. 

Y'all...that should be every day. 

My marriage should be a constant reflection of God's love. A replica of Christ's death. But not just His death, but His resurrection. The blood of Jesus can resurrect a dead marriage

It's a process that we are working through, but the beauty is that we are choosing to still work to break those walls down. We are striving to focus on learning the love the people we are now, instead of mourning over longing for the people we used to be.

Ashley Danielle

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family | happy birthday to felicity grace

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Her first (of many) birthday brunch!

Our Beloved Felicity turned one on December 26th.

And even though I'm over a month late posting this, it's hard to believe God blessed us with her that long ago. Not because the time feels like it's been shorter than that, but mostly because I can hardly remember what The Mr. and I used to do before she came into our lives.

Time seems to begin with her gentle kicks in my belly, which soon turned into full force ninja kicks. It seems like she's always been with us. Her laughter forces anyone who is around her to smile. Her joy is so genuine and pure. She makes every day a thousand times brighter.

I love the way she can bring a smile out of complete strangers in the grocery store.

I love how she didn't gradually start walking, but just kind of took of across the dining room toward The Mr. one evening.

I love that her laugh is a mixture between that of a tween and an eight-year-old woman.

I love every curl in her hair.

I love her little pudgy feet.

I love ('s a love/hate relationship) how she tries to roll away as soon as I clean her tush while changing her diaper.

I love the way her eyes light up when she sees her daddy.

I love that she cries when I yell "STOP" at her when she's doing something she shouldn't be, but then comes straight to me for a hug.

I love how our family loves her.

I love how she loves, so pure.

I love how she is an undeniable example of how much God loves me.

Happy Birthday (...and some days) to our beloved Felicity Grace. 

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